The company was founded in 1949 by the will of the spouses Bambina Carugo and Piero Ronchi. In the textile world they were familiar with places and people. It took the name of Ronchi Piero and was settled in Milan, where it remained until the year 2011, then it moved to the current location.


The momentum to give life to the company came from two feelings:

- the fervent climate of reconstruction and industrialization of the country, after the year 1945

- the exciting request of knitted fabrics– also known as the Jersey fabric – which by virtue of its pleasant comfort was to be used more and more in clothing.

Originally the fabrics were produced at body size, later at universal width.

Meanwhile the company has got specialized in the use of pure cotton yarn, with its complement yarns and any classic type of stitches.


Now in the year 2021 the company is in its 73rd year of life and is in the property of their son Cipriano, dedicated to the fabrics with the same unchanged principles.